Sunday, November 28, 2010

Neurotic by proxy

Most weekends, some of my friends come by my parent's house where I'm recuperating, for a visit. It's kind of a big thing for me because it's basically the only time I talk to them now; but I don't mention it to my parents other than the "I'm having friends over at X time" that's polite in someone else's house.

My mother keeps asking me, "Are they coming?", with a frequency approaching once an hour as the expected time nears. Telling her "yes" doesn't reduce the frequency but changes the question to "Are they still coming?"

Rrgh. To quote Fraggle Rock, "I fear I may lose my implacable calm."


  1. No disrespect intended but is your mother part dog?

    When I was married our dog would always sense when we were waiting for someone (a visitor, a food delivery, etc.). He would stand at the front window all agitated and bark at nothing every five minutes (normally he would only bark if someone was at at our door or trespassing in our yard). It was frustrating and ratcheted up our sense of expectation exponentially.

  2. Perhaps your dog was a long-lost brother of mine.