Monday, November 1, 2010

Madonna/whore paradox

After mentioning the Madonna/whore or virgin/whore paradox a while ago, and being someone looking for another kinky Christian, I thought I'd give my take on it. I hope for a woman who would like to be a free love type but is constrained by principle, like me. If you'll forgive a bit of bragging, I think it says something good about a person when they follow principles that do not match their predilections (the opposite says nothing negative of course). I'm not picky about her history if she doesn't have anything infectious. At first I wrote "I don't care" about her history, but that's misleading. I'll be very interested in her history and I think lots of history would be kinda cool, but no kind of requirement.

So there is some paradox, but only the same one that I am.

When I think about the unlikeliness of this and despair, I remind myself that she'll be as happy to find me as I to find her.

I always feel desiderata posts like these are pretty self-absorbed but I'm kinda fascinated by them coming from the opposite sex, so I figure, what the heck? Easy to skim or skip.

Also I confess I wanted to change the top post, and this was handy in the started-then-abandoned post bucket.

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