Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a theory about holiday wishes. People celebrate a lot of different holidays, and especially with people you don't know well it can be hard to keep them straight. Or even more with strangers.

Trying not to wish somebody a happy whatever if they don't celebrate it results in less well-wishes, and I think there should be more. After all, even if you don't celebrate it you still go through the time and it would be best if it were happy. So while it's great if you can wish someone a happy thing that they celebrate, don't let it stop you wishing them a happy thing that you celebrate.

So, even if you don't celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving, have a happy Thanksgiving day anyway!


  1. This is something I've been thinking for years. I hate feeling weird about wishing people "Merry Christmas" etc. - if my Indian co-workers wished me Happy Eid, I'd think it was totally sweet and not be offended at all.

    Hell, maybe they wouldn't be offended by Merry Christmas. A lot of this PC stuff seems to have been engineered by white people just in case anyone might get offended.

  2. I don't worry about offending people--I wish them a happy whatever holiday is coming up, whether it's Christmas, Easter, or the Fourth of July.

    That said, I hope both of you had a happy Thanksgiving, and aren't too bloated and sick today after yesterday's feast.