Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First draft of an erotic story: Rub

UPDATE: The edited, improved final version is up on Literotica.

I woke up last night unable to sleep and wrote this story, or most of it, between 1 and 3 in the morning. Obviously, my libido is back to a considerable extent. Also obviously, first draft. I took my attitude toward women and women's genitals and turned it around, put it in the female character's perspective.

"You be in charge this time," she said.

"OK," he said, "Lie down on your face and close your eyes."

She did, wondering what he had in mind. It wouldn't be like him to go straight to anal from nothing.

He stroked her back, the back of her neck, her butt. He feathered his fingers down the insides of her thighs. She could feel his concentrated attention in the way he touched her, his admiration of her. She knew her flaws too well, never felt herself to be beautiful, but sometimes the way he looked at her and touched her made her see herself the way he did. Sometimes, the power of feminine beauty that he saw so differently, that always brought his cock up so soon, would get past the modesty she felt was so sensible and deserved, and make her realize that she was stunningly desirable in his eyes, just as he so often told her.

He climbed onto the bed and up, over her, on hands and knees above her head. Something touched her hair, and stroked down the side of her head, brushing her ear. It was his cock, hard already just as his touch had promised. It rubbed back up through her hair, down the back of her neck, to her spine, his weight shifting to keep it in contact. He slid it over her shoulder and down her arm, shifting over her on the bed. It lingered on the inside of her wrist. In that unaccustomed place, she noticed again the softness of the skin with the firmness of the shaft; there was nothing else quite like it. It continued down to her palm; she took it in her fingers but he slipped it out. He moved back up to her head, again rubbing against her hair, then tracing down her spine.

With her eyes closed there was nothing to think about but the feel of his cock wandering over her body, exploring her. She felt herself getting warm. The cock rubbed down to the end of her spine, then rubbed between her buttocks. She squeezed them together, catching it for a moment.

"Mmm," he said, pausing there to rub it between her cheeks a little more. He continued down, stroking along her thigh, the back of her knee, her calf, her foot. He pulled away. "Turn over," he said.

She rolled over, keeping her eyes closed, concentrating on the feel. The cock was exploring her whole body, every bit of her, taking her, owning her. It started back at her foot, stroking up along her leg, on the inside, approaching her pussy. She realized she was wet. She moved her other leg out, opening herself to it, but it wasn't time for that; it went up over her mound, and teased at her belly button.

From there it traveled up to her sternum between her breasts, then over to play with a nipple. The hard shaft rubbed lightly, the soft skin sliding over the shaft underneath. It felt like nothing else. She moaned. He stayed there a bit, rubbing against her hard nipple, then continued up. His cock slid over her throat and to the side of her head, touching her ear, then up and rubbed over her face. She kissed it when it came near her mouth.

He shifted his weight sideways a bit, leaving his dominant cock on her face. His hand touched her, moving down to her wet pussy. He began to stroke her clit, and she responded immediately, but in the twisted position his cock lifted away. "Stay there," he said.

She heard him reaching under the bed where the vibrators were. He got back on the bed, positioning himself above her head as if for a 69. He moved his cock back onto her face, the head near her mouth, and put a vibrator against her clit on low speed. She moaned, then tried to get his cock into her mouth. But the angle was wrong, his shaft pressed straight down her face, and she couldn't get it. She licked the underside. He moaned too, working the vibrator against her clit. It was driving her crazy. The vibrator was working her, driving her toward orgasm, but her thoughts were all on his cock, laying on her face. In a flash she understood some of the near-worship he showed to her pussy when he was giving her cunnilingus. His cock was beautiful, and wonderful, and it was gracing her with its touch. She had never been so intimate with it, not when it was in her pussy, not even in a blowjob. It dominated her and she loved it. The vibrator sped up. She moaned again, then licked frantically at what part of the cock she could reach. She wanted it to cum. She wanted the cum spraying over her face, filling her mouth, in impossible quantity. Showing how much she had pleased him, her master this time. She could hear him groaning, letting her know how good her licking felt. He set the vibrator on its highest setting, and heat washed through her body. She could no longer focus. The orgasm took her. She gasped and spasmed up against his body, pressing his cock against him, screaming with the release of submission.

As soon as she could, before her aftershocks had subsided, she took his shoulders, tugging him down onto all fours, angling his cock. "Please," she said.

He moved down and she took him from below, sucking hard. He turned the vibrator down to it's lowest setting but kept it on her. She shuddered with her own aftershocks even as she sucked him. He gasped and moaned, letting her know how close she had already brought him. She took him deep, deeper than he ever asked, deeper than she normally liked, in the urgency of giving. He didn't like her choking herself, but he couldn't see this time and she just wanted to go as hard as she could. Like that, it didn't take long. He shouted his ecstasy and came; she backed up and got her tongue in the way just in time to keep the cum from going straight down her throat and starting her coughing.

As she was swallowing it, he removed the vibrator and kissed her all over her mound. Then he turned himself around and kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks, her lips. He collapsed next to her. "That was wonderful," he said, "You are the BEST!"

"For me, too," she said, "YOU'RE wonderful!"

They rested, snuggled in each other's arms.


  1. This is so lovely. :)

  2. Thank you! That gives me the confidence to submit it to Literotica. I felt like it was kind of too weird and too tame at the same time.

  3. I felt like it was kind of too weird and too tame at the same time.

    Which merely means it will develop a cult following of people whose needs aren't being met by the usual Literotica fare. :)