Monday, August 9, 2010

I like this sexblogging thing

I really like this writing stuff out for the Web thing. It does help me look at things squarely, in case there is a reader. I lose some potential readers because I'm a Christian, some because it's a sex blog, lots because it's a sex blog by a man, some more because I'm straight, and most of who's left because I'm abstinent. Not really customer-focused here. But there COULD be a reader, and that's all I need.


  1. Thanks, Anonymous! Glad you're here! Since I wrote that I gained a few regular readers, to my surprise.

  2. I have been looking for a blog like yours for quite some time! I thought I would have to read several to cover the ground yours does. I am currently in an amazing, complicated, interfaith relationship...He is Christian and I am Spiritual (not following any specific religion) It can be a problem sometimes, but we communicate very well- Your blog gives me deeper two have similar views on a lot of things. We are abstinent-Which is a first for me and can prove to be frustrating- Your blog has helped me...A lot in this category.
    I am kinky/he is kink open...Which we are exploring- Your blog helps me balance and understand that you can be Christian/Spiritual-kinky-abstinent and it be OK.

    I guess all I wanted to say is thank you for sharing and for helping a lady out. <3

  3. Jv, I am so glad if my blog helps! I'd like to recommend a favorite of book of the Bible of mine, the Song of Songs (also called Song of Solomon), ancient poetry that beautifully shows the importance of physical love. If you adjust to the ancient natural similies that are so strange to a modern reader: "Her breasts were like twin fawns."

    A roadblock you may want to watch out for is that as a Christian, he will not feel that he has any authority to compromise on Biblical matters. He doesn't make the rules, he gets them from outside, so he has no right to adjust them the way he should other things like how you divide housework or income. For example, I bet like me he doesn't exactly like being abstinent. Since you are Spiritual, and determining the rules you must follow to the best of your own ability, you may find you are the one called upon to adjust in Biblical cases. You are the one in charge so you CAN adjust, he is under Someone Else's rules so he cannot when there's Biblical guidance. That's something the two of you may want to go over in advance.