Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wicked Faire

I'm just back from Wicked Faire. I felt like I was at home at last. It was pretty awesome. I tried a violet wand on my arm and attended a couple of seminars on basic rope bondage, as well as some Western martial arts seminars, music, etc.

The Pretty Librarian said she'd like to go along after I'd reserved a room, so I gave her the bed and took the floor (I insisted). I brought my massage table, but just as I was getting people lined up to use it Saturday night she got a really bad migraine and sent me a text message that ended "hlp?" Aww, poor thing. So I spent about 10:00pm to 12:45 in our darkened room finding her gatorade and cold compresses and holding her hand and telling her what I'd seen that day so far and after she started feeling somewhat better giving her shoulder, neck and light scalp massage. I was kneeling by the head of the massage table to work on her shoulders while she made appreciative noises, and it was quite dark but not so dark that I couldn't see her dark-painted lips against her pale skin, just a foot or two from mine. It wouldn't have been the time to try something if I was going to, her still being in pain from the headache, but keeping my thoughts in line there was DIFFICULT. Hadn't been planning on all the handholding in the dark etc. I did kiss her goodnight on top of the head when she was feeling better and snuggled back into bed but that's within my boundaries anyway. She sighed happily. Big things in the life of an abstinent sexblogger.

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