Thursday, February 17, 2011

I don't actually have much of a foot fetish.

I don't actually have much of a foot fetish. I thought I did because I'm so attracted to footjobs. But it's not actually that I have a lot of inherent interest in feet; it's that I have a much easier time imagining a woman touching me with her feet than the rest of her. I also have a thing for women who are wearing gloves for the same reason; I can more easily imagine a gloved than ungloved handjob.

This hangup I have that women don't want sex with me is one that is not matched by what women actually say. I know a couple of attractive women locally that have said they would be enthusiastic if I just weren't abstinent. I wonder if I will ever really get over the hangup other than with the woman I marry?


  1. Well, it isn't excessively necessary to get over the hangup, except with the woman you marry, isn't it? I mean, it's not like you're going to fuck anyone but her.

    I totally have a fetish for foot fetishists...

  2. You're right that it isn't really necessary to get over it with anyone else. Actually it's kind of helpful. It offends my sense of truth, though.

    Do you have a fetish for submissives who express submissiveness with foot worship? Just curious, because that I do. Absent the submissiveness, I'm not that interested in the foot itself; it's a convenient symbol.

  3. No, mine is more a deep appreciation of footrubs and pedicures and toesucking, combined with foot fetishists really really liking feet and my general Thing for people wanting me.

  4. my general Thing for people wanting me.

    That's what the foot symbolizes to me; wanting a woman so much that I am massively turned on by just her feet. That's why I like toesucking. Not because I'm so fascinated by toes, but because I want to express that I'm so fascinated with her as a whole that I want to suck her toes. Doesn't work for me in a casual relationship, only a serious one.

    I like giving footrubs just because I like giving massage; if you preferred backrubs I'd do that instead. Never done a pedicure.

  5. Man, I want footrubs and backrubs and headrubs. Maybe I should say I have a massage fetish. :)

    Mine is slightly different: given "foot fetishists really like feet", the logical conclusion is "this foot fetishist really likes my feet, therefore if he plays with my feet he will desire me to an excessive level." If it gives you an idea, the porn fic that 'clicked' my kink involved a man rubbing his cheek on his boyfriend's boots, eyes closed, because that was enough to turn him on.

  6. I see the difference. You tend to feel undesired (which I bet is even less true in your case than mine, by a lot, Super Robo Girl), so you like people who have a fetish you can fill. Because you feel undesired, you don't feel that my version of the kink is plausible in your case.

    I like women with kinks for the same reason, but I've never actually heard of a woman with a fetish for men's feet so it doesn't connect to this fetish.

    With the abstinent until marriage thing we couldn't help each other with a lot of things, but as to the massage it's a shame I'm on the other coast because I love giving footrubs and backrubs and headrubs and formal hot oil full-body massage, and I'm always happy for someone else to do it with. I take about two hours for a complete full-body massage.

  7. I'm vaguely curious where you got the "other coast" thing from: I'm fairly scrupulous about getting rid of indicators of where I live. (There are Dirty Hippies in places besides California-Oregon, you know.)

    I have read foot-fetish stories written by women, but most of them seem to be less foot fetishists proper and more slash writers trying to come up with something beyond the basic kiss-grope-blowjob-onefinger-twofinger-anal model.

    If I'm ever in Philadelphia, I will totally take you up on that. :) Even if it does make me seem like a creeper from the Internet.

    Occasionally I am tempted to locate someone with a camera, get naked pictures of myself without my face showing and post them on the Net to get a validation of my attractiveness...

  8. Just back from Wicked Faire, sorry for no response before.

    Dirty Hippies may indeed be found anywhere, and there are many here in PA. My college had a good share though it was most notable for angry lesbians. I think I got the other coast impression from the timezone of the timestamps on my comments.

    Yes, take me up on that. I hope it doesn't make me seem like too much of a creeper from the Internet for offering.

    I have had the same thought (very briefly) but I bet it would work worlds better for you. :) Actually I've been very tempted to post a couple of shirtless photos here just so I can ask for opinions; I don't know if men can be attractive shirtless without a six-pack and I've been tempted to ask. That one's not so much a "validation" one as an "actual real question" one.

  9. Of course men can be attractive shirtless without a sixpack. I personally-- and I'm pretty sure Perverse Cowgirl will back me up on this-- have an aesthetic preference for skinny bony guys. And I know a lot of women who like bigger men.

    I may just be a night owl, you know.

    Nah, you're not creepy. :)

  10. Thanks, I'm glad I'm not creepy!

    I know about the appreciation for skinny bony guys; Determined Girl is really into them too (as well as more conventional guys). What I'm thinking is that the guy who's none of that, has a half-inch or so of fat over the muscle, might not be attractive. It's a lot like the "men like Barbie girls" impression that so many women get, which I'm living proof is false.

    What I mean by the timezone is that when I post a comment to your blog, I see it marked with a timezone three hours earlier than mine. So when I commented this morning at 8:44 am my time, it shows on your blog with a 5:44 am timestamp. That's what makes me think you're on the other coast.

  11. Sorry I didn't reply; I thought I did and it didn't go through.

    Figleaf (you know Figleaf, right?) used to post pictures of himself for Half-Naked Thursday. He has a similar body type to yours, and he got tons of compliments.

    Besides, one of the guys I'm half-heartedly pursuing at the moment has that body type. (The other is straight-out overweight.)

    That's weird about the timestamps, given that (as I'm sure you've gathered) I'm on the same coast as you.

  12. I'll have to look up Half-Naked Thursday. Might be more tasteful to check on Figleaf's compliments than posting pictures of myself.

    Absolutely drop me a line if you're ever near Philadelphia and you want a massage and you don't mind if there's no sex.

  13. Or you could post pictures of yourself to give your female readers some eye candy. :) I mean, you write a sex blog, shirtless pics are perfectly tasteful.

  14. Well thanks for saying that! I think I'll post some tomorrow in honor of Half-Nekkid Thursday, I'm curious about the reaction. I have a little more surface fat than Figleaf but I have a deeper ribcage that hides it a little.