Thursday, February 10, 2011

eHarmony and OKCupid

I'm sick again. Spent a couple of nights up late and hung out with someone who had it. I guess if I'm going to be sick it's best that it be while I'm unemployed.

I don't think eHarmony has much to offer for weird people like me; I've gotten a ton of "matches" and no communication. I haven't offered much communication either, I don't feel like I know anything about my "matches". eHarmony makes it really tough to be up-front and open; they rely on their matching algorithm and provide very limited space for your own words. They base communication on a special structured format that starts out with sending multiple-choice questionnaires. Might be nice for someone who has really serious trouble talking about themselves.

OKCupid is much more promising and flexible; they afford you lots of space to say things in your own words. They base matching on a huge, varied database of multiple-choice questions. You answer the question, say what answers would be acceptable in your partner, and say how important the question is in matching (could be "irrelevant"). You can also skip questions if you feel the multiple choice format just doesn't match the way you'd like to answer it. You've got to spend a good long while on answering them for better results. I found some women I sent messages to (no replies yet) and one who found my profile and contacted me. (Yay, there is possibility there!)

Mostly I've been messing around with those and FetLife recently.

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