Thursday, January 19, 2012

Political post/bragging on my people.

I read two sets of blogs; basically sex/gender issues blogs, mostly kinda liberal, and gun issues blogs, mostly kinda libertarian/conservative. Many of the sex/gender issues blogs mentioned opposition to SOPA/PIPA. The gun blogs all did, and Republicans have been moving more on the issue.

And then just recently I came across this: An Open Letter To The Anti-Gun Folks

And I noticed that one of the sex blogs that did mention SOPA also mentioned the right to defend oneself.

And I thought about how I've never heard a bad word about Pink Pistols from my community of "bitter clingers", and all the good ones I've heard.

You know what? You want to find a straight, cis, vanilla person who will stand for all freedoms, including sexual ones? Your best first step is to find someone with a permit to carry a gun.


  1. It seems like RKBA people(besides being more libertarian than average) have the perspective of their rights being restricted so even if they may morally not be for (insert sexual practice here) but they certainly aren't for the government forbidding it.

    It seems the central tenant of "Mind your own darn business" runs strong.

  2. Yes. Also, we know a subject well, which is heavily regulated. We see that regulations which seem like common sense to someone ignorant of our specialized subject are usually idiotic. And we see that legislators only make it to that ignorant idiotic level but don't hesitate to enforce their idiocy with deadly force. So we're automatically suspicious of their efforts in other areas, which we may not know well.

  3. I can provide anecdata that it works the other way too: if you're a sex-pozzie you're fairly likely to be broadly pro-gun, even if you don't shoot yourself.

  4. Ozymandias: me too! The Progressive Gun Fan and Rook, for example.