Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A story of mood swings through music.

A story of mood swings through music.

When I first found out my wife was wearing a slave collar and running around with that other guy; despair:
Metallica - Fade To Black

When I decided again that I didn't want to be the leader she apparently wanted, that as a man it is often implied that I should be; defiance:
Metallica - Escape

Remembering what these worldly troubles mean; resignation:
Kansas - Dust In The Wind

A song I don't agree with but still like; more specific and cheerful resignation:
Kaskade - Be Still

Facing the pain and getting ready to go on:

Bimbo Jones - Freeze (2010 Piano Mix)


  1. Interesting! I should totally attempt to track my moods through music sometime... beyond the basic level of "if I'm listening to Joy Division, hide the sharp objects."

    Question: has Kansas actually done a song besides Dust in the Wind and Carry On My Wayward Son?

  2. They have! And most of the songs on the "Point of Know Return" album are great nerdly ballads, like the title song:

    Kansas - Point of Know Return

  3. A beautiful musical description, Mousie.

    Personally, I have found more than once that music helps us steer our way among the things in life that we have to accept, because they are outside the set of things we can change. In my moments of despair, I tend to go with Joy Division ('these are the young men, the weights on their shoulders...'); then sad with Tori Amos ('silent all these years...'); then accepting/stoic with Ryuichi Sakamoto ('Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence', 'Beauty').

    Music is like concentrated emotion, spread out in time. If god exists at all, it must be like music.