Friday, December 3, 2010

Stupid penis tricks

I have something of a problem with premature ejaculation but no problem at all with erectile dysfunction. It was nearly impossible for my wife to get at my cock when it wasn't hard, unless it was right after I came and then she was done with it anyway. I've read in erotica about a woman sucking a man to get him hard for P-in-V, and that always seemed fascinating to me but I'd have been hard since she kissed me and thus rather moot for me. If my wife had gone straight to the blowjob I'd be afraid the boner springing up might get her in the eye as she approached. Obviously all this (including the PE) might have changed if things had been more frequent.

There was something interesting I could do while masturbating, though, that I don't see much mention of in web advice. I'm not sure how many guys work this way, but I know I'm not the only one. I think probably one reason I don't see much mention of this is it's about a soft cock, which we men tend not to want to admit ever having. But maybe someone will learn a new fun thing to do.

After coming, if I continue to stroke my cock while it dwindles, it doesn't go all the way soft. During this I have to stay away from the head because it's so sensitive it actually hurts to stroke it; but it goes back to liking touch very quickly. If I work my semi-erect cock for a long time, I orgasm again, and it feels much stronger than the first time. When I was younger I'd go hard again right before the second orgasm, now I just get nearer to hard. These days I get soft enough that to do this I usually have to pull rather than ordinary stroking; at least with porn. It works a hell of a lot better with a real live woman. When my wife tried this once early in my second marriage her arm got worn out, though.

To actually get hard again, I always had to stop completely and start again a bit later; working my semi-soft cock strongly would prevent it from getting hard again, like it was saying "Oh, this must be hard enough."

BTW, if you ever find yourself wanting to ask a guy a question that's so potentially embarrassing to him or you that you never wanted to ask a guy in person, well, I'm a guy that mentions my PE on the web without it being a specific PE advice venue. Leave an anonymous comment or send me an email and I'll rub the serial numbers off and post an anonymized question and reply like I was an advice columnist.


  1. Your last comment (about embarrassing questions) reminds me of a funny story from just after I graduated college and moved in with my other half.

    I helped out in my other half's computer shop about once or twice a week--vacuuming, cleaning the display cases and bathroom, etc.--and my other half came back from making a bank deposit in a real hurry, with a very red face. He'd stopped in a small, specialty book shop whose owner we were both friends with, and got asked something that mortified him. He sent me down the street to her shop and told me to ask her what she'd said.

    Turns out this little sixty year old lady, despite having been married and had four children (all girls) had never actually *seen* a penis. One of her few female customers told her about a new piercing that the gal's boyfriend had gotten, which caused said boyfriend to pee in three directions at once.

    Our bookstore owner friend got curious. And she asked my other half if men urinated and ejaculated through the same hole. Needless to say, my 25yo other half bravely ran away, and sent me to answer the question.

    I'd almost forgotten that until just now. But it was one of the funnier moments from then.

  2. I can understand how he felt. I was much less open to talking about these things then. :)

  3. mmm......I may try the tactic expressed in your article with a willing male! ...You may regret offering to answer embarrassing questions! ... I've noticed that for a certain period after orgasm men seem to like stimulation to their penis to continue. Do you think this is different for younger v older men? I can hardly remember what younger men wanted/felt. Do you think that men who never achieve an erection could orgasm that way? When a man cannot maintain an erection for a long time, should one take a little break or just continue?

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  5. Deleted my comment because I misunderstood one of the questions.

    Do you think this is different for younger v older men?

    Well, it's not different for me and I'm 41.

    Do you think that men who never achieve an erection could orgasm that way?

    I don't see why not; if I can orgasm without another erection, I don't see why it wouldn't work for a man who doesn't get one the first time. BTW the fact that you are asking, that you're interested enough to work around difficulties, made me immediately wonder if you like 41-year-olds.

    When a man cannot maintain an erection for a long time, should one take a little break or just continue?

    When going for that super-intense second orgasm I mentioned, just continuing works for me. You'll probably want to discuss it with your willing male beforehand, a lot of us feel a little embarrassed about a soft penis, so he might be embarrassed by the attention. If you're trying to get him hard again, what works best for me is to stop really masturbating the cock but keep handling it; maybe try holding it and kissing him, or licking his nipples if he likes that, or playing with his cock gently while doing either of those things. Basically, doing something sexy involving another part of the body that makes that the main focus while still deliberately touching his cock.

  6. Dear M - thanks for your reply/advice - most of my male friends are over 40 and the subject of gaining and maintaining erections may be discussed or experienced. Like you I have an interest in discussing sex in both an academic and practical way. I believe in discussing and working with what happens to create win-win (and wonderful) solutions. :-) Candice