Monday, December 6, 2010

First draft of an erotic story: Her Birthday

Here's the first draft of a story I've had in mind for a long time, that tries to reflect how I feel about giving in sex. I started actually writing it after the What being a switch means to me post.

Her Birthday

Today was her birthday. They'd had a party with friends yesterday. Today it would just be him. And not an ordinary day. She felt a lot of anticipation and a little nervousness. She wasn't going to be nice. And she was a nice person. But sometimes it was exciting to do something different; to let go a little bit of the rules of good behavior. She wasn't going to be a terrible person; after all he'd happily agreed to everything. But she wasn't going to be so nice; this wasn't the same as ordinary domming, when she did it for his sake perhaps even more than hers.

She opened the door and heard him running to the sound. He slowed to a brisk walk as he entered the hall, eyes down. "Welcome home, miss," he said. (It was perhaps the best of a bad set of potential titles.) He took her coat and hung it up.

"Knees," she said. Immediately he knelt in front of her. She gave him a little slap. "You were too slow."

"Yes, miss."

"Living room. I want a foot massage." She caught a trace of a grin. He had a pretty serious foot fetish, so this would be one of his favorite parts.

She entered and sat on the sofa, putting her feet up on the coffee table. He took off her shoes and she interrupted him.

"I want a drink first. The usual."

"Right away, miss." He hurried out and almost immediately hurried back with a full glass. He'd had it mixed and waiting in the fridge. She smiled at his thoughtfulness as he handed it to her. She'd have to catch him out so she could reward him. She realized he was still smiling back at her and hadn't gotten back to her feet; here was her chance already. She gave him the best frown she could.

"Well?" she said, pointing at her feet.

"Of course, miss." He stepped around the table.

"No, come here and bend over first." She spanked him a few times. He loved it. And she did too.

"OK, now." He knelt on the other side of the coffee table and started massaging her feet. He was really good at that; he didn't let the fetish get in the way of a skilled massage. His thumbs dug into her arches with careful pressure, working away the tension. It felt wonderfully relaxing to her. It was also kind of hot knowing his erection would be bulging his pants by now, but he still focused completely on a clinical kind of massage. She took one foot away and gave him the other. Foot massage was nice enough, but there were much more interesting things she wanted to do than that.

"Stand up," she said. He did; there was the expected bulge. "You want me bad, don't you, dirty boy?"

"Yes, miss."

"Any little attention I want to give you."

"Yes, miss." She was so remarkable to him, so beautiful; he wished she could know how he saw her.

"Show me."

He knelt again to kiss her feet. She pushed his face away with one of them. "No. Unzip and show me your penis."

He did. She always loved how hard he got with her, how fast, whether she was domming or subbing or neither. It was a compliment that couldn't be faked. She gestured at him to turn left, then right.

"Stroke it."

He did, throwing back his head in a show of sensual abandon. She watched for a few strokes, then said "Good boy. Step closer."

When he did she grabbed the head of his cock with her toes and gave it a few squeezes to watch his face. He gasped and closed his eyes, his face relaxing, his mouth opening to moan. He was so reserved in public; the abandonment he gave her alone was one of her favorite things about him.

"Come to the bedroom, bad boy."

"Yes, miss."

She lay on the bed on her side, propped up on an elbow. "Strip."

"Yes, miss."

She raised one knee and stroked herself lightly through her clothes as she watched him. After he was naked, she started ordering poses. "Hold the head with your thumb and forefinger, but don't stroke." "Turn around, let me see your ass." "Flex." He ignored his fears about his body and threw himself into his posing, sending her smoldering looks.

"Now show me how you feel about my feet."

He instantly dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed, licking her soles and sucking her toes. She stroked herself some more.

"Stop! You know you're a bad dirty boy."

"Yes, miss."

"Bend over the bed for your punishment then."

He liked the spanking, yes, but when she did it for him she held back a bit. In fact, she held back for her too. Neither of them were all that into pain as a rule, from either end; the spanking was usually pretty symbolic.

This time it was different. It was still a symbol, but a different one. It was his symbol of how far he'd go for her; it was her symbol of how much more careful and caring she normally was than he required; how much better she was than good enough for him.

She started out with light smacks as they did more commonly; then started drawing her arm back more, whipping from the elbow. He moaned for her and wiggled his ass as his cheeks reddened. She was getting ridiculously hot despite the fact it wasn't usually her thing.

He was too. It was his chance to show what she meant to him, by what he could take. So he loved every bit of pain she gave him. She was being generous to him, giving him the chance to give himself to her. She reached around him and took his cock lightly in her hand, and smacked him hard, gifting him with stinging pain. His cock pulsed in her hand each time she hurt him. She drew away, striking from the shoulder now.

"You LIKE it, don't you, dirty boy?"

"Yes-" SMACK. He hissed a gasp of air. "-please, Miss." SMACK. "PLEASE." He begged for it as she continued. He was utterly hers. She could do whatever she wanted with him, things she normally couldn't conceive of wanting to do, and he'd forgive her and still love her. Her utter freedom with him terrified her a little but it inflamed her so much more.

She got out the lube and an asymmetrical double-ended dildo. This was the thing she'd had most on her mind; this was all about her. She inserted the bulbous end of the dildo into her now-soaking pussy; then lubed the other end and carefully lubed his ass. He poised himself for her, asking for her penetration. He felt the tip sliding along his crack, then working into his hole. He felt her mount him, using it as a gesture of dominance; he turned his head so she could see him moan as she fucked his ass, slowly at the start. Her hips thrust; he writhed under her as her pussy drove her dildo into him; rocking back toward her to meet her thrusts. She was panting now. She grabbed his hair with one hand and pulled him into her, taking him whether he would or not, even as he eagerly gave himself into each push. She put her hand on her clit and rubbed, her hips grinding her hand against his sore, red ass, and she came, gasping and spasming into him, with him pushing himself back onto her dildo deep inside him. She stayed there a few moments, enjoying the shuddering aftershocks.

She withdrew and removed the dildo. "Lay on your back."

He did and she mounted him, enveloping the cock that had been so desperately rising to her, wanting her touch all evening. He gasped with the sudden unbelievable pleasure of her hot wet pussy on the member that had been pulsing against the cold indifferent air.

"I'm not giving you permission to come," she said, and twisted his nipples. He arched his back and groaned. "If you come inside me, you'll be a bad boy. You'll have to make up for it. Understand?"

"Yes, miss."

"Good." She started slowly rocking her hips, her pussy working his cock. His face showed how good it felt. She pulled his head to a nipple that he could just reach if he twisted, and he licked eagerly. She moaned and rocked her hips a little faster. He gently sucked on her breast, flicking the nipple inside his mouth with his tongue. "Oh, you're a very good boy."

She rocked her hips side to side. A muffled exclamation came from around her breast. She pushed him down and brought his hands up to her breasts and squeezed them hard, showing him what to do. He kneaded just like she wanted as she fucked him. "Mmm."

His breathing and moaning was coming fast now. She knew he would climax soon. She stopped. "Remember you're not allowed to come," she said, "Right?"

"I can't... can't hold it."

"Well you're NOT ALLOWED." And then she rocked her hips again, rapidly speeding up, as fast and hard as she could, squeezing his desperately hard cock. His face contorted as he tried to hold it, but she yanked his come out of him with her pussy, forcing his orgasm despite himself. He shuddered violently under her, gasping, her riding him hard. She rode him out, grinning, as his spasms subsided. "What did I say?"

"Mmmmm... I'm sorry, miss." he said with an answering grin.

"You'll have to lick it clean then." She moved off his cock and poised her hips over his eager face. With her already so warmed up he licked pretty hard and fast from the beginning, pausing only to swallow the mixture of his and her juice. She grabbed his head and rubbed it against her pussy from below, coating his whole face, then moved his mouth back in place so he could do his favorite thing and hers. He loved her pussy, and kissing it and licking it and burying his face in it was sheer privilege to him. She held his head in position as he enthusiastically licked and sucked her clit, working her toward another orgasm. But it became hard to hold him that way.

"Out of the bed," she ordered. He scrambled out and she lay on her back sideways with her hips near the edge and her feet on it. He immediately saw what she wanted and dove back in, swirling his tongue around her clit, then sucking hard. She put her hands lightly on his head to indicate control but really she was letting him do what he was good at anyway. She moaned as his tongue played and he hummed an "mmm" into her, telling her how he loved it too. He pressed his tongue against her clit and shook his head from side to side, then licked hard and straight, curling the tip of his tongue to just enter her pussy at the beginning of each stroke. Her moans turned to little cries, coming faster and faster. She ground his head into her and he licked frantically, as if his life depended on these last few moments of worship of her sweet clit. She came, shuddering and screaming in her turn, clenching his face into her crotch, her juices flowing into his eager mouth. He licked, slowing, gentling, as her orgasm passed; gradually changing to soft, admiring kisses.

She drew him up, moving to a sleeping position with him, their arms wrapped around each other. She covered his face with kisses, with him returning them whenever she got close enough to his mouth. "That was the best birthday ever!"

He laughed. "You always say that."

"It always is!" A pause. "Your poor ass!" She turned him and kissed his red cheeks, then snuggled back.

"I loved it. You know I did."

"It's always hard to accept that you do all that for me."

"You know a lot of it is for me. And what about my birthdays?"

"I guess it's just hard when it's me."

"I know what you mean, but I love it. Even when it's just for you. Especially when it's just for you."

"I'm looking forward to your birthday. Maybe you could give me a little preview tomorrow, or the next day? Please, sir?"

His tired but eager grin just about split his head. "Sure!"

They fell asleep, secure in each other's arms.
Some thoughts: It's going to be a good sign for me when I can write the "His Birthday" story. I feel like it's perfectly OK when the submissive character represents me but it would be presumptuous and antifeminist to turn it around; and I know getting over that isn't going to be quick.

I'd really appreciate suggestions on the anal-Feeldoe part or the extended spanking part; I've never done that.

But even more than that, I'd appreciate knowing if anyone thinks the story is hot. A woman thinking it's hot would be a reassuring sign, in terms of hoping I might meet someone compatible with my kinks in the future.


  1. This is awesome, and what makes it awesome for me is the layers - we know that these people love each other and that everything is consensual.

    One glaring lack (to me) is that you make no mention of the man enjoying his assfucking (understandable since I know you've never done that and may not know what prostate stimulation feels like). But if you were to add a whole "he never expected to like the sensation but OH MY GOD RAWR" sort of component, that would totally do it for me. Everyone else's mileage may vary.

    And it wasn't clear to me until your epilogue that the toy they used was a Feeldoe. Knowing this, I need to tell you: the "u-bend" in a Feeldoe stimulates the clit. A woman would be hard-pressed to get her hand in there. So as a woman thrusts, her clit is stimulated and the toy is jostled inside her, stimulating the g-spot: it's pretty fucking amazing.

    I've never come from fucking Minx's ass but I've inserted my...dammit I forget the brand name of my's not a Feeldoe but a similarly shaped thing made of silicone...I've inserted this thing and had him give me a "hand job" (with a bit of creative license since a normal hand job doesn't involve wiggling the base of the guy's dick back and forth) and the combined inside/outside stimulation was fucking amazing.

    Your sexy story captivated me and now I'm late for work...but later, if you want, I can give you tips on what prostate stimulation feels like (descriptions from my boys combined with a description of g-spot stimulation, since I believe the two things are analagous) so you're better able to write about it.

  2. Perverse Cowgirl, thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the layers; that's the part I'm proudest of.

    I didn't have a description of him enjoying the assfucking because I wanted components that were enthusiastically consensual but he didn't enjoy them for his own sake; and since I don't know much about how to write assfucking I picked that rather arbitrarily. The idea I want is him doing something outside his comfort zone as a gift to her, something that makes her orgasm but doesn't work for him. After hearing your description of the "hand job", I might replace the anal part with one where he's performing fellatio on the toy and wiggling the base back and forth with his mouth.

    I didn't call it a Feeldoe in the story because I wanted to avoid any possible trademark issues for publication on Literotica.

    Please tell me, I'd love to hear your tips about what prostate stimulation feels like even if I don't use it in this particular story.

    I'm sorry it made you late for work but I'm so happy you enjoyed it!