Monday, October 25, 2010

Hard to Sleep

Last night, as I was drifting off, it occurred to me that with my head immobilized by these four bolts, about 3/16", sticking into it, it would require a very minor impact to drive one or two of them through my skull and into my brain. A little fender-bender while riding in a car, a minor fall. I tend to find it hard to sleep anyway. That really didn't help.


  1. I bet a human skull is thicker/tougher than you'd think - and anyway, why would they make the screws long enough to bust right through? There's no way.

    A toughness-of-the-human-structure story:

    A few months back I had to get two of the crowns on my teeth replaced. A crown, if you don't know, is when they carve your natural tooth down to a skinny, pointy stump and then attach a tooth-shaped covering of porcelain to it. Kind of like a little tooth-glove. They use some kind of adhesive cement.

    The dentist pulled the old crowns off with PLIERS. Again, these things were cemented on and the teeth underneath had been whittled down to half their previous size. As he extended the pliers toward my mouth, I said "PROMISE THIS WON'T PULL MY ENTIRE TOOTH OUT OF MY HEAD" and he laughed at me like I was being completely ridiculous. I guess even a sliver of tooth is really strong. I'm sure the boney shield that protects a human BRAIN is even stronger.

  2. The bolts have 1/2" to 3/4" of busting through length between my head and the big aluminum horseshoe that's around it like a tiara, and to anchor them they already screwed them through the outer layer of my skull. (Compared to a broken neck, and with a morphine drip, that really didn't hurt).

    Even thought I still worry about these bolts, (especially when my dogs get out like this morning and I have to chase them across rough ground), it makes me feel better that you wrote that to make me feel better. Thank you.

  3. Holy crap! I just found your blog today, and hadn't yet had time to read back to find out *why* you had bolts in your head. "Broken neck"?!? How ever that happened, I'm glad you're still with us....

  4. Welcome, Anonymous! The post where I talk about breaking my neck is here. I'll have this oil-derrick-looking Halo brace bolted to my head for another month or two.