Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Over It

I've written a lot recently about my perception that women don't find men physically attractive. I'm going to get over that. I've done it before. Between my first and second marriages, I realized that the cultural message was crap and I had the confidence that many women do find me attractive (which is sort of self-fulfilling).

I lost it because my libido was much higher than my wife's and she didn't want her reactions to make offers she didn't want to keep. That's what she intended, not to treat me as unattractive.

The perception that men could be attractive in a suit in a restaurant, but not naked in a bed, came back as I got compliments from friends but my wife didn't give me a second glance. She didn't want her second glance being a promise, but that's not how it felt.

My commenters feel men are attractive. Other bloggers do. That's how real women feel. I will realize that.

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