Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wrong For Me

I think it would be wise for me to go over some of the ways my ex is wrong for me to help me keep in mind that it was really not that great before she left anyway. It's a shame that none of you reading this blog get to see her good side here, but, the blog is about what I need to talk about and can't to people who know her.

Reluctance for intimate personal communication, especially about sex
Lack of moral courage (she has physical courage)
Lack of a giving spirit matching mine, especially in sex
Very poor at admitting mistakes or shortcomings
Not a Christian
Not truly serious about vows
Kinks seriously don't match (she's very into S&M, I'm not so much; she's into taking or having taken, I'm into giving or receiving giving)
Devotion to her work is far greater than devotion to her partner
Lack of introspection

Almost any of these would be a dealbreaker by itself if I were looking for someone new. All of them together?


  1. My parents told me, when I was younger, that you could love someone very much and still not have them be a good partner for you. (Of course, they said 'husband,' because heteronormative parents yay. :) )

    That's what this makes me think of. It seems to me like you love her, but you are also grossly incompatible with her, and that's okay. :)

  2. It is okay indeed, Ozymandias! The world is full of beautiful wonderful people who I am not compatible with. And, I'm sure, some that I am.