Monday, March 14, 2011

God save me, I am going to have to turn women down sometimes.

I thought that the way dating would go would be that I would just be honest until women ran away, and if some day one didn't run away I'd marry her.

I was on dates Friday night and an all day date Sunday (met her at her church Sunday morning). My Friday night date just texted me letting me know that she hasn't heard enough from me (one text and one email) since then. Sunday night I talked to another woman who sounds really fascinating on Fetlife and set up a date this coming Friday, and got a new contact from eHarmony and OKCupid. I also found that A. in Louisiana has started a new relationship there, which is probably best for both of us, though she's really a really good prospect by Mousie standards.

These things seem to come in bursts, with pauses in between when there's almost nothing.


  1. Congratulations stud! If you weren't abstinent I'd be offering words of warning right about now.

  2. Thanks Clint! If I weren't abstinent, I'd probably not be getting so much interest. :) But it makes it clear I'm looking for a marriage, and lots of people like that, even people who are not so enthusiastic about the abstinent thing like my Friday night date. (She says she's OK with it but she's clearly not enthusiastic.)

  3. I mean my last Friday date not my next Friday date.

  4. You could try reducing the attractiveness of the profile pictures you use (picking less flattering shots), to try to eliminate some of the women who are willing to overlook issues they think they'll have from reading your profile for your awesome Norman-knight beard and hair.

    In the "Just be honest until women [run] away" vein of dating strategy, which I think is actually a good one, although you make it sound like something to be resigned to rather than deliberately pursued.

  5. Thanks for the compliment, Orphan! It is incredibly jarring to think of myself needing to pick a deliberately bad shot. I tried to pick accurate, representative shots, and so far women have commented that I look just like my profile shots. Maybe it's the way to go, though.

  6. Well....

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