Friday, July 8, 2011


So, I get the feeling that the woman I was talking about before reads this blog. She didn't say as much. But when I vented about what I didn't like about her looks, trying to make myself feel better for her personality not overriding her looks in my estimation, I think she read that. I used to be free with links to it, I probably gave her one or she got it off my FetLife profile before I removed it. Or she could have just found me because I use Mousie762 both places. Which was probably not smart.

If you are reading this, I'm so very sorry.


  1. Oh dear. Well, even if it was painful, (if she was really reading) you were just being fair. You were not trying to hurt someone.

    It's a hard thing to admit, but we're creatures of bot flesh and mind. And although I'm conventionally good looking, I'm a bit overweight and I was more, when I met Wonderboy. He was exactly the way I wanted and desired, and I wasn't. So, at one point he told me. He said he'd desire me more, if I was thinner. It was a huge blow. A devastating one. But I could get thinner. It was just a matter of working at it...

    But you can't change the way you look, everything about your face and body. We all deserve to be wanted and cherished by someone who isn't doing us a favour. You needed to vent about not being perfectly and only attracted to the mind of someone, which is very understandable!

    Hugs, Mousie.

    Rogue Bambi