Friday, May 13, 2011

Only one girlfriend now

I broke up with the other two. I feel kind of terrible because I feel so unjustified and unworthy of having been in the position of choosing among women in the first place. One had some things in common with my first wife that I was unable to see past; she handled the breakup like a saint. The other, the extremely pretty one, just spent the better part of an hour telling me that I'd made the wrong decision but she wouldn't take me back if I asked. Also, she was very critical about the multiple-dates thing, which I think was fair, and critical that I didn't give her much of a chance, which was also fair; however there was only one way for me to stop multiple dating which was to stop giving someone further chances. So as I reflect on those breakup experiences, it reinforces my feeling that I made the right choice to break up with the pretty one.

My now one and only girlfriend thought I was breaking up with her before, and handled that experience so kindly. Like the student pastor who reminded me too much of my first wife, it's a real contrast with the pretty one.

I guess honestly I'm kind of glad for the multiple dating thing because I could potentially have married any one of them and I only dated one of them I would only have had a one in three chance of finding the one I'm with now. And if I had only dated her alone I think I might not have realized how uniquely lovely her heart is and been able to see past her looks.


  1. Awwww, that's perfect. :)

    Your girlfriend is a very lucky woman. And the extremely pretty one sounds remarkably like what I would do if I was dumped by what I'd hoped would be a LTR and wasn't expecting it...

  2. Once you tie the knot(in whatever sense you want to take that) you need to look at moving out west to a free state.

    HH would probably even make you chili if you two moved close enough.

  3. I'd even share my toys that go BANG!

  4. Thanks very much Ozymandias! Please try not to do what the pretty one did if you are dumped by someone who is doing their best to take it easy on you and has self-esteem issues. It's kind of painful and I can't imagine it would make you feel any better.

  5. Odysseus and HH, thanks! PA actually is one of the freer states in regard to toys that go BANG. For example, I can carry in bars and even have a beer, or on a college campus, and the licensing requirements are pretty easy. Last I checked we've also got the second highest rate of gun ownership after Texas. If I were to look for something freer, it would be on issues like taxes or the ridiculous Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

    However it would be totally cool to be near you guys; I'd love to share toys that go bang, or chili, or preparations for the zombie apocalypse.