Friday, January 28, 2011

Criteria, desiderata, and frivolities

I've been thinking about what I'll be looking for in a future wife; seems like it's worthwhile to get it written down. I think writing it down may help me keep from falling for the first person who seems vaguely compatible. I'm sure this list will evolve as I think about it, and as you give advice. It's divided into 1) criteria, things I think will be necessary to make a marriage to me work; 2) desiderata, things that would be big pluses but are not essential; and 3) frivolities, very unimportant things that I figured I'd throw in as long as I was making a wish list.


-Switch, into D/S from both sides
-Sympathetic to my "putting your partner on a pedestal" view of D/S; focus on voluntary abasement play rather than force play
-Not grossed out by fluids
-Wants to give and receive orgasms every other day at absolute minimum
-At least once a week wants to spend hours on sex with costumes, roleplaying
-Willing to wait for sex until married (Combining this with the above will of course be truly difficult; but I think the woman who feels the same way will be awfully glad to find me.)
-Masturbates frequently and is willing and able to describe most of the fantasies involved. (How frequently?)
-Likes my erotica and got wet to something I wrote ('cause I think it represents my tastes and thinking pretty well)
-Likes oral both ways (cunnilingus and fellatio)
-Moves well or has a good reason why not; that is, physically active, or legitimately disabled
-Pretty, by my standards (includes most women under 60 years old and some over)
-Christian (Frankly I'd prefer to move this one into desiderata but after discussing the relevant scriptures with friends and thinking it over, I can't.)
-Not afraid of guns
-No problem with dogs
-No current drinking problem
-No drug habit


-Has experienced the emotional pain of a partner not as interested in sex
-Interest in lots more sex than the every other day listed above
-No children
-Interest in martial arts
-Interest in guns
-Interest in tabletop role-playing games
-Not much interest in rape play
-Moderate drinker


-Near my own age
-Nose like an eagle
-Teeth like a horse
-Dark hair
-No tattoos/piercings

These kind of lists are always a little disappointing to me as I read someone else's and hear I'm not their perfect match, even if I knew that before. Sorry if anyone else feels the same way.

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